(28 July 1927 / Rochester, New York)

Floral Beauty

Your delicate petals glaring
Your unfolding bulbs alluring
Your adornments attending
Your glory no one can deny
Your redolence enchanting
And your variegated beauty
Uncontested, unrelenting
Leaves but a moment’s joy
Your splendor soon will fade
And the stateliness disappear
Without vestige of passion
And to the trash consigned
And so is the glory of man

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Comments (9)

Why the hell did you feel the need to add an obnoxious music track to the presentation of this poem? I bet John Ashbury would object violently. Poetry is sufficient unto itself, and does not need a soundtrack.
#142 on top 500? This must be a joke.
I do not see any poem, sir. Just a tongue twister with a story I do not comprehend.
I thought about you! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Lacks the experience-altering verbal transparency of the best Ashberry, but a larky, ambitious piece, nevertheless.
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