One of names that went, met
-was simple: "Dafina".

"Its meaning? " I question.
-does not know!

"Where from? " I ask her.

Do not go much further
-what she knows:
- "Relates to valuable! "

I search in my knowledge
-am aware of their faiths;
- "Most common is Islam."

The name is Arabic
- "The buried" is what means.
-Somehow is: "Treasure…"

Therefore she, to a degree, is correct.
-I see same among the Africans
-who carry names coming of Iran
-or Persian…

Every name to me is history
-this is why meeting them
-to me is, an honour, pleasure! ! !

One of such was Deeba
-meaning silk and silk-wear
-in Farsi or Persian; of Iran.

I have fun talking with the people
-love to look at faces
-old and young, all genders
-and enjoy hugging them.
-Beauty can be found everywhere
-among us, regardless of anthems
-just as the children of mankind.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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Meeting people, knowing their history is a beautiful experience as we discover other culture different from our own.