Dagger Of Love

Love is a Dagger
The shining Silver
Loves greatest Gold
Beautifully enriched

Sharpened to a point
The height of a relationship
Broken when tossed
How easily it snaps

Tossed from hand to hand
The Love Dagger
Piercing a heart
Cold as steel

Seeing a shimmer in the shadow
Chasing after love
Only to be stabbed in the back

Love is Nothing but the opposite
Good and Evil, passed between the hands
Chosen by a leader
Used by both

Hilt or no hilt
Love is supported
Like a dagger
Entwined unto each other

Becoming one
Simply foretold, A great use
The dagger of love
Death or Life, chosen

The Arrowhead space
Docded in blood
A Heart, love
Stabbed and Broken

Give me life, dagger
Sacrificed unto love
Giving a heart
So poorly beating

Cold steel, Cold blood
Useless love, Wasted time
Mourning unto the night
Until love is found again

Copyright (C) 2006 Dustin Bennefield

by Dustin Bennefield

Comments (6)

wow thats amazing! ! great job! keep on writing
an amazing poem, it has a rhythm with out rhyme, i like it! love is a blade..... awesome, love starr
'Docded... ' Okay, I'm old so, amI missing s.th. or...
i love it! and i have to agree with the sentiment that love is a fleeting and double edged sword a 10 in my book!
Though i agree that love can be fatal and painful You forgot to mention that it can be joyous too. anyway, great write Heart
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