Daggers To The Heart

Words pointed and sharp, a dagger to the heart
Can not be recalled once they depart
Begging forgiveness at arguments end
Does not always the heart mend

Love seeps from the wounds inflicted
Mind and emotions, conflicted
Words that kill, verbal abuse
There is really no excuse

by Linda Moore

Comments (9)

yes...words do kill... and leave a terrifying ghost of hatredness behind...well written piece, Linda...educative and meaningful...10
The testimony of truth travels in the vehicle of this poem. Very well written.10/10
wow i really liked this its simple and concise but the message is very clear good job linda!
I liked this with end rhyme. I took the liberty of rewriting some lines without rhyme to give you a different look. Words sharply pointed...heart daggers once departed, no recalling home hollow is the forgiveness begged at argument's end. The poem is excellent, my compliments.
This poem is excellent! Great job
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