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Daily Love Story
RH (21.04.1962 / Tiruchirapalli-Tamilnadu-India)

Daily Love Story

Poem By rajagopal haran

Pot full of porridge
Brings my lass
Gliding in the air with
Her tops fluttering gently!
My heart skips a beat!
Day long hard work tolls
Pain rocks the bones
My fair lady’s looks
Form the balm instant!
Sitting below the shadow
With midday Sun above
And tree fanning liberally
Pours the dish in the glass,
Gently presses against my lips!
Is it golden panacea for my soul?

Cleans my mouth with
Her slender hands and
Claims that lunch is over!
Spreads her sleeve on the ground
Revealing her half open that
Inebriates me to half sleep
Places my head on her lap
Starts singing a soul fill
I start dreaming instantly!
We travel to dreamland
She holding me for ever!

A lovely tap wakes me up
Time to work dear my soul!
She picks the pot in a sway
And starts breezing away from me!
Is my soul carried in the pot?
Oh Angel! What is this?
You are taking my breath away!

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Comments (3)

awww! that is so cute! it actually reminds me of my boyfriend and i. always taking care of him. men are so lazy! =) hehe. j/k. but he loves to fall asleep with his head in my lap, playing with his hair. i'm gonna have to tell him about this one.
Full of love and sensuality, I can visualise the domestic scene so well from this lyrical poem.
This is beautifully written! Exactly like a Bollywood love scene! Lola