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A bunt fiery state of mind,
Here sanity is hard to find.
It is a bombed catastrophe,
In a lust filled flirtatious city.
As a rock sustains no emotion,
Is this to become our creation?
Images of death before proud eyes,
A moment to forget their demise.
A million skulls having no effect,
The greedy heart won’t react.
Stone love, not a sight of rain,
This! The elite’s reaction to pain,
Neighbours die, oh well, no care,
If its not us then its fair.
We wait for death to strike our door,
Till then dream on you poor.
We watch the flashes of hate,
Their towns, their lives disintegrate.
Gold and silver bind our hands,
Burning greed on our sands.
Guilty an ashamed we should be,
Hiding our face from reality.
The push of a button and their gone,
Back to vanity, while their still alone.
Tomorrow we will see them again,
Entertained greatly by their pain.
Holding to self, driven by desire.
Desensitized by constant fire,
Hundreds killed brutally just before.
So what, they are just one more.


by foxy babii

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