Daily Shall The Sun Rise For Us

The way of the sun is amazing
As we wake it rises
Even if we don't see it we know it's there so we rise too

In my language the sun and the day are one
Both are called ilanga
And we say no sun sets
without its own stories accumulated

That is why I sing hymns of praise
thanking God for His Grace
For sustaining us with Love
So we are not
characters in some tragedy
of the day
No longer able to read any
poem of the day!

♕poetess haidee majola
all rights reserved

by Haidee Majola

Comments (3)

Sustaining us with Love. 🌍😀 Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Ilanga, a beautiful word! Thanks!
The spirit of optimism is neatly reflected in this beautiful poem! Admired the way this cute poem carrying sublime message is penned!