Like a field of white daisies
I imagine a new beginning
where a fulfilled dream starts,
entering tenderly amid their prairies,
while gentle wind opens its path.

Each daisy in the field afar
resembles a part of the complete dream,
where the new beginning's roots are
fragile & delicate, yet inside they beam.

With the dream I walk in the opened path,
while the daisies dance like in a waltz,
the new beginning is shaping in each petal's sight,
I'm careful not to step on this flower,
full of elegance.

As a little child in the magic world I feel,
where everything possible could be made real,
didn't know the ancient flower had such a grace
to bestow good luck and bring such happiness...

With a little bouquet a beautiful crown I make,
dreams come true to always symbolize,
the dancing daisies smile, I wear it in my hair,
This new beginning is already there.

It has gained the strength to continue
it has shaped it's road forward
It has been crowned and praised
Now it only needs a name.

The daisy crown I put in a dazzling frame
to glance often, while thinking anew,
the new beginning already has a name
it will be called 'Daisy', the flower of Love's true

The frame with the crown I will keep in time,
as a reminder that possible is everything you imagine
with just a little help from daisies alike.

Mirela Athanas (c)

by Mirela Athanas

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