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EB (21/10/87 / )


a hot summer night,
jazz rides the sticky air
and climbs in through my window.
the music of my memories,
of summers in the park
or lying in my garden
picking daisies with my cat.
thinking back to primary school,
first crushes.
scott hill.
my best friend.
i loved him the way only a six year old can.
we spent lunch, playtime and after school together.
fast forward five years,
and theres josh brandon.
my best friend.
i loved him the way only an eleven year old can.
spin the bottle
in the year six den,
that was as far as it got.
then it was secondary shool,
bring on the angst.
i had another best friend,
but i didnt know he loved me.
so i went out with tony,
we wont talk about that.
and then there were the many james',
but for me there was only truly one.
i love him completely,
i'd crumble without him,
he's my world.

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oh that fight was magnificent!
Your poem is, as you said, unfinished. But that's actually really effective. I liked this alot, probably because it made me think of THAT fight....haha. Well done Elsa, mwah, Amy xxox