Résumé I, Ii - Parody Dorothy Parker - Résumé

Ties restrain you,
flies handicap,
laces strain you -
so cut the crap!
To the wind fall
mouldy socks,
free, unpinned, all
chastity locks.

Cotton, plastic
polymers spun,
and elastic,
all undone.
Brand names flutter
to the gutter
falling free.

Résumé II - Carry on Captains Courageous

Key Iraqis go to bat
for Sadam in khaki hat,
Rabbis Rabin shoot to kill -
Judah’s stab in back boots ill.

Istambul bears Turkey pies,
curds way, paring budgets high.
Hutu-Tutsi’s united states
to new chaos disintegrates.

Russia’s booming, Soviet
sees end looming so Viet
sends for G.I.’s and their aids,
good and bad guys lost on raids.

Bosno, Croat manipulate
bombs to throw at Serbian state,
Montenegro NATO mauls,
white and negro answer calls.

Tino Craxi brought to book,
all too lax he powder took.
Berlusconi followed on
Mafia’s crony, bribes are buon.

Charles, Camilla, paint the town,
crown, Diana, tumble down.
From the workers Chirac calls
perks and shirkers ere he falls.

by Jonathan ROBIN

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............a beautiful little poem....with exquisite imagery....loved..