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Tears fell for you
As 11 years grew on you
Your silent eyes were an ocean blue
That stopped blinking one day
How we miss you
Our little Daizy
You gave us so much joy
We spoiled you till the end
And you rewarded us with laughter
With love
With happiness
I remember when you were alive
You would fetch a toy mouse
We laughed
You would cuddle by our side
We were loved
You purred
We smiled back in happiness
Our stress was gone
Once we touched you
Years flew by
But you couldn't reach 12 years
We tried everything
We hooked you on an IV
We gave you medications
We got an ultrasound done on you
As they shaved your belly
The belly that once liked being rubbed
Was then bare and pale
Your kidneys were failing
We didn't know how much you would live for
We tried again
We pulled out 12 of your teeth
Maybe if we cleaned them every year
You wouldn't have developed severe dental disease
That caused your kidneys to fail
But it was too late
I looked at you
You were sad, confused, mad
Blood dripped from your mouth
You were hooked on an IV once more
The Doctor said you might get better
We tried again
We took you home
We gave you antibiotics
We gave you pain killers
Your kidneys were weak
You started getting weak
We tried again
We went back to feeding you kitten food
From our hands
We forced you to eat
You refused
You began losing weight
We were desperate
We tried again
We took you to the Doctor
Hooked you to an IV
Took you back home
Nothing changed
You were dieing
Tears began to fall
As reality set in
We couldn't try anything anymore
Money couldn't save you
We needed a miracle
We prayed and prayed
But, for some reason
God didn't want to bring you back
You couldn't walk anymore
And you couldn't eat
Your white fur began to look like the feathers of an angel
As you got closer to heaven
You suffered and suffered
We tried one last thing
We took you to the Doctor
You gave out your paw and we held it tight
And with a quick injection through your IV
We gave you the direct door to heaven
You died with your blue eyes fixed on us
I gently closed your lids
Our hearts are now hollow and bare
Even though you sleep forever close to your home
Our hearts go with you in the soil

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