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(((Damage Control))) (From His Mouth To Gods Ears)
TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Damage Control))) (From His Mouth To Gods Ears)

Its an utter break down of words-
Thrown out by a speed influenced mind-
He fancies himself as a master mentor...
While he dishes backhanded threats unkind;

The mentor says no to the Poo Poo platter...
As this teacher is an anal-retentive find-
Cosmic laws do not govern his massive 'EGO'-
While he enforces ties that bind;

Picking the wings off of butterflies-his pass time-
Though vowing that none are ever hurt...!
He's greed infested from the early 1970's...
Seeds of ill repute sprout from his old dirt;

The mentor speaks of God and blesses many-
And includes Christs teachings in his 'ALL'
But the mentor is a two-faced hypocrite-
Filled in his gut with bitter gall;

He's holding on to yesterdays 1970's-
And cannot seem to ever let them go...
Compassion and forgiveness are not part of his Cabals rules...
An unrightous-hard-headed freak-but in Gods favor-NO! ;

Along comes Ms Betty (not her real name) -
Trying to put in some damage control...
Trying to take the eyes and heat off of his degrading words...
Alas, its too late to rock and roll;

Too late for the mentors apologetic words-
As his ego and arrogance tirade ever on...! ! !
He fell up the hill and swallowed his own bitter pill-
Alas, his scattered brained head is nearly gone;


Dedicated to: Strawberry patches and
Fields of Clover
Seattle, Washington

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