Nobody Yet Knows Who I Am

Nobody yet knows who I am,
Nor myself may;
Nor yet what I deal,
Nor yet where I lead.

But in my skull already bright,
And death in rose attire,
And in my mouth already star
And jewels firmly wrought.

And in my eyes a sweetness
Almost fierce as the sun,
And in my ears already music
Hearing the future kiss.

Yet myself knows myself not,
Is it I have forgotten?
Yet Finality is very near—
I rush, I run, I run!

(Published in Have Come Am Here 1942)

by Jose Garcia Villa

Comments (2)

Crazy... feeling like i can invision your words and see it in my very own eyes as if it was right before me... intense!
Tina, devestating to say the least, certainly enough to take your breath away. Well written! Brian