TD (August 31 / Province In Canada)


I’ve been stabbed, I feel like I’ve died a thousand deaths.
Attempting to hang on for my dear life, gasping for every breath.
Struggling to stay alive.
As I pull out all these knives.
Yet no one can see the wounds, but inside me I’m damaged.
I’ve been murdered by a savage beast, nothing left of me to salvage.
I lifted my head to take one last glimpse of who had done this to me.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, it must be a nightmare. How could it be?
Why, it’s my love that stood in front of me hand in hand with another man.
From a distance I watched them, as I’m left laying behind, quickly they ran.
As my life flashes before my eyes, everything had made sense.
You were unhappy, our relationship has fizzled, no longer was it intense.
When you and I met, I envisioned white picketed fences, something out of a fairy tale.
Never would I imagine, I’d be a victim in such a great betrayal.
Now I can say I’ve died that thousandth death.
I’ve decided to let go and have breathed….[gasps] ….. my very last breath.

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Crazy... feeling like i can invision your words and see it in my very own eyes as if it was right before me... intense!
Tina, devestating to say the least, certainly enough to take your breath away. Well written! Brian