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RW (11/13/90 / New York)


Take the razor, pull out the blade
Everlasting condemnation, bleed into a memory
Damaging darknes, blinding reality
Eternal mayhem, due to my stupidity
So ominous yet so cunning
Confront the violence and the demon spirit
Crawling in the dark
Searching for my life, ending up back at the start
Fearing niether death nor pain
Thoughts of chaos running through my brain

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I am not a fan of anything that plays with suicide, Rachel. Perhaps by writing this, you have let off some steam, but I believe (as a former counselor) that it is dangerous to some who read it. I am a fan of a couplet that I read years ago...and the poet's name (sadly) escapes me. 'Two men looked out from prison bars. One saw mud, the other, stars.' Hope you see the stars soon. Raynette
I understood this poem completely, Rachel. the second line, particularly, is brilliant. you have to make a spelling correction in line 3...when I started posting, I kept making mistakes, so I run all mine through a spell-checker now...but, this is a mature piece of work. well done.