He cannot read
He cannot spell
She left all she had
To rot in hell

How much damage
Can a mother impose
Abandon, neglect
Is all she knows

Whoring around she'd rather
Doing whatever she minds
Never thinking back
To what she left behind

The damage is done
There's no going back
The seven are grown
And education they lack

Not one has completed
The school they attend
All through their life
They float by and pretend

She decides to come back
After the damage is done
She feels she did no wrong
To the illiterate, angry son

Years have now passed
She has created this mess
She is now dying
And the angry son could care less

Compassion, sympathy
Is what she expects
From the damaged seven
They have no respect

Do you blame them
To feel like they do
How can they feel
Like they care about you

Go on pass on
Your damage here is done
You've conquered your mission
The curse of the angry son

© Copyright 2004 Angie Krause. All rights reserved.

by Angie Krause

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