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You’re the first
I’m the last
This is the one day
One true day that I’ve forsaken you for someone I’ll never be
A totaled car on the side of a desert road
So far away
So damaged
Deeply inclined to abandon ship at sea
I linger back to the sad road
The damned highway of my dreams
Alone, open, disregardful,
A last content to see
In the absence of being me
I find myself to be nothing of the sort
Abandoning a flame struck car
As smoke into the sky
Swimming eternities till shore
Until back under your vacancy of me we ride
And tangle away from highway to highway (as dream to dream)
And force our reflections to collide
(Then,) living in this absence I’ll find that I never was
That which I was before
Locked in the wreck
Swallowed by the sea
Burning, burning
Breathing, breathing
You’re the first to go
I’m the last to be
The truest day (is the death of who I was never meant to be) .

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