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For a little o'er a harrowing fortnight
Thirty-nine American hostages were held,
Innocent victims of Middle East Terrorists' planning:
Whose fate was chronicled to all the world, so well.

A way of escape --the sought -for solution--
Was conceived via covert diplomacy.
Only one thing was desperately needed: a refuge
Before departing to Frankfurt, Germany.

Some countries shunned the responsibility,
(France adamantly spurning the hapless plea.)
Syria, for whatever reason, offered Damascus
As exit to eventual liberty.

Well nigh two-thousand years have almost elapsed
Since Saul, sin's hostage, en route to Damascus.
On his terrorist mission against the faithful Christians.
In broad daylight encountered the LORD JESUS.

(Freed and completely changed, Saul then became Paul.
Preaching the Gospel of Salvation to all.)

We must have a destiny with Damascus.
We must encounter that Man of Galilee!
We--former hostages and captives of satan's kingdom--
Now, in CHRIST, know full and complete---Liberty.

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