Damn All You

When you talk of the recession you don't find it hard to lie
Damn all you Politicians, Bureaucrats and Bankers for the good lives you enjoy
Bank interest keep on rising and the cost of living high
And why the working classes hate you why you wonder why? .

Damn all you politicians you don't deserve respect
The people who give you the power you never do protect
From the bureaucrats and bankers who grow wealthier by the day
For their lavish lifestyles and parties it's the working class who pay.

Damn all you greedy bankers for want of a better name
That you've made so many bankrupt doesn't cause you any shame
As long as you can make your millions that's all you seem to care
And so many must grow poorer just to make one millionaire

Damn all you bureaucrats and government officials you must think people are fools
You make life hard for so many with your red tape and your rules
You command the highest salaries and you are of the privileged few
And the World would be a better place without the likes of you.

Damn all you Politicians, Bankers and Bureaucrats all you think of is your gain
You don't have to worry about your future and you do not feel the strain
Of working hard to make ends meet just to live from day to day
You have never had it better and everything is going your way.

by Francis Duggan

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