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Damn, My Soul
RW (03/18/89 / Chicago, IL)

Damn, My Soul

Poem By Rosa Williams

I'm tired of living in hell
I should have never sold my soul
I never thought it was true, all the stories i was told
I want to escape these fires
I'm tired of burning everyday
It's to hot down here, damn these flames
Damn being here
It's not my fault and you no it
They were so tempting
All there good offers
Damn it don't judge me
I no i was wrong
Now i'm serving an eternity in hell
All because i signed my soul away
Instead of sending it back to the owner, were it came
Since it was a lend
It was never mine to give away
But at the time i didn't care
I wasn't thinking straight
If i could i'd go back and change my ways
But now it's really to late
Damn why did i give my soul away....

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nice work rosa surely the soul is the essence of a man and it must go where it belong's.