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DG (November 21,1985 - July 29,2037 / Escanaba)


Damn, I'm Bleeding all over the Place.
It's on the Floor, on your Hand's, on your Face.
The Blood is from the Knife that you cut and
ripped my back with. Though You're lies Cut me Deeper
Than you'll ever know.
Your Promises are nothing now, like a dead rose crushed...
it just blows away with the wind.
One day You'll realise how you are so Blind,
and you might open your eye's
and know I was the Best you've ever had...

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Comments (4)

I really liked this poem I could feel the emotional intensity. I know where your coming from aswell. Deanna
Well, the good thing is, one must realize, someone else is waiting for you to give them a chance. One must be ready to move on.--Good poem--Melvina
But you were not the best speller she ever had.... H
Ever thought of moving to Nashville and writing country music lyrics?