GH (October 12,1979 / Wichita, KS)

Damned Slow Computer

oh when will you speed up
i sit here half the night
trying to find the site that i want
but you keep taking your time
i go to the store to get a couple of things
when i get back i can see
that you are finally where i want to be
why do you have to be so slow
i don't have that many windows open
so i know you're not that busy
are you trying to tell me something
are sick with a virus
or worse yet......a crash in the works
don't you know how i feel
how i really dislike any and all
of these damned slow computers
come on now....please don't make me mad
for if you keep this up
i'm afraid.....i'm going to have to
throw you out the window
for you are getting on my last nerve
for i am getting tired of you
my very own damned slow computer

by Grace Hays

Comments (1)

Sounds like my puter, Grace! I keep threatening to toss it right out the window. LOL