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Damning Her Part1
GH Guarded Heart (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)

Damning Her Part1

you watch her intently
your eyes bore into her flesh
you note how she moves
with grace to her sway
she tempts you like no other

you like what you see
her soft olive flesh, envy green eyes
long brunnette tresses
she flows with young blood

you're hungry and you need to feed
but which hunger enslaves you more,
your blood lust or you're other lust?
confusion has its hold

you've made up your mind
you'll hunt her tonight
stalk her as she walks home

all the while unsuspecting...

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That's a dark write. Neatly pulled off but I thought it could be just a little tighter. Some nice lines though - ''she moves with grace to her sway.' Nice visual.