Damp My Desire?

Are you my vampire? That is what he said.
I’ll just describe it. I was on my bed
Soaking the sun and reading ‘Life and Fate’
Vasili Grossman wrote app. ’38,

by Linda Hepner Click to read full poem

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WOW! WOW! Your poem passes what an Irish friend (and PH poet) calls the Double WOW! Test for a poem. I am amazed at your sheer verbal virtuosity in this poem (that's one virtue of the poem) and the way you controlled that flow of language, rather than being overwhelmed by your own verbal risk taking. No, you juggled skillfully (what a bland word for your performance) at least four subjects: Reading the Soviet Socialist Realist novel which you summarize with great wit as a narrative of the one goddam thing after another! -type; your quiet peaceful almost languorous solitude; the friend with the bizarre vampire question, but he got my attention too; and your poetic voice which holds it all together even though the abundance of words, images, plots, wonders and surprises are seeping through the seams. What a liberating experience this poem must have been to write, because it was a liberating experience to read! !
Great work with the muse of the Lifestyle of mankind. Thanks for sharing.
My third visit here, Linda, and I'm laughing (and marveling) just as much as I did the first time round ('...well that ruined digestion...' - ya ha ha!) . Love, Gina.
Linda, tremendous energy! I enjoyed the driving pace and structure. I hope your partner isn't taking you for a sucker! Thanks & have a great 2007 Martin
Both clever and funny - (I suppose that means very well written!) Thanks
Coming back to this one today, Lind, and it's given me a much needed energy boost. And like Raynette, the final few lines really got me giggling. Love, Gina.
From the ridiculous to the sublime, Linda. This is a fascinating poem....and made me laugh at the end. That is, after all, the only thing one can do when faced with such a question. Good poem, my friend. Raynette
I love it when a poem stuns me speechless. GRAND writing. Susie.
I don't understand everything you say here, Lind, but that hasn't stopped me enjoying it. A power write. Warm regards, Gina.
Wonderful poem. I wonder who the vampire was? Anyone I know? love Gershon