Dan Carroll's Milk Run

For our memories as ever we go to the past
And the clock on our lives ever ticking on fast
Our memories our gift with others for to share
Of what i say here many would be aware

Old scenes of the past do inspire me to rhyme
I go to the fifties that is going back in time
When young Dan Carroll on the horse drawn milk cart trotted up and down
The quiet streets of morning through old Millstreet Town

Pat Cashman of Tullig had the Millstreet milk delivery contract then
A renowned greyhound owner-trainer among track and coursing women and men
In fifty seven his Tanyard Champion was Ireland's Track Greyound of the year
The big fawn of his nearest rival was many lengths clear

The memories of Dan Carroll on his milk run with me does remain
In all sorts of weather storm, frost, snow and rain
He trotted the big bay gelding up and down the Main Street
I still can visualize the clip clop of his feet

The fifties long gone and time ticking away
And no horse drawn milk cart run in the Millstreet of today
Dan Carroll is aging time has become his foe
A sprightly young man of Millstreet long ago.

by Francis Duggan

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