Dan Carroll

Dan Carroll of Inchaleigh was a good fellow he lived all of his life around Millstreet
He enjoyed his pints of guinness in the Bush Bar as nice a person as one could wish to meet
He always worked hard for an honest living a member of a very well known clan
And those who knew him will never forget him since there was so much to like about the man.

He was the same Dan Carroll drunk or sober a gentle soul he would not harm a fly
And he is one whose soul is surely up there if there's a heaven somewhere in the sky
I never heard him bad mouth anybody a gentleman in his own quiet way
No need to worry for his soul's salvation for one like him there is no need to pray.

'Twould be a peaceful World if everyone were like him for there were few as honourable as he
And 'tis sad to think when I go back to Millstreet that he is one I never more will see
To that old Town his face was so familiar though from there he is not that far away
Beneath the dark earth of the Tanyard at St Mary's his bones at rest now will forever lay.

Goodbye Dan Carroll you were a good person what else of you could anybody say
The reaper who claimed you claims everybody each dawn brings us nearer to our final day
I hope the end for you was very peaceful since you did not deserve to die in pain
If there's a heaven your soul it is up there for Millstreet's loss is surely heaven's gain.

by Francis Duggan

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