Dan Connell

In Dan Connell's shop we bought ice creams and lollies
And lemonade and buns and chocolate treats
And black jacks and jobstoppers for a penny
A shilling then would buy you bags of sweets.

Dan Connell was a care free sort of fellow
And he always had a big smile on his face
He is missed from the old West End of Millstreet
Perhaps his ghost still lives around that place.

On sunday evening if the day was pleasant
Out walking three that you would likely meet
Was Dan Connell his wife Sheila and their son Martin
On the Killarney Road towards the west of Millstreet.

Dan Connell had a host of songs and ballads
And old stories of Duhallow to relate
He used to sing a song of Jerry Doody's
About Millstreet's County win of forty eight.

Dan Connell he will always be remembered
As one in life who did a lot of good
A very friendly and a jovial fellow
And he would always help you if he could.

Dan Connell owned a grocery shop in Millstreet
Across from the Town Park at the West end
And it's been said he never had an enemy
And that every day he lived he made a friend.

by Francis Duggan

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