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Dan From Ballinagree
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Dan From Ballinagree

I met him at the Melbourne Show he said long time no see
He clasped my hand in firm handshake seems like a century
Since I last saw you in Clifton Hill must be nine years or so
I hardly recognized you now it seems so long ago.

He is still the same Dan Twohig nothing's changed about the man
And I might meet him ten years from now and he'd still be the same Dan
He is still the same Dan Twohig still the Dan from Ballinagree
Who came out here to Australia in the year of seventy three.

How some people hold their accent is beyond me to explain
And the distinct Muskerry accent with the Muskerry man remain
For years he's worked with people from all Nations yet he hasn't changed at all
And he still talks about Hurling and about Gaelic Football.

When he lived at back of Mushera for Aubane he used to play
And Aubane is now an ex club sad to think and sad to say
But the Aubane people loved him they still talk of him today
How he never feared a challenge and would never back away.

I met him in Ascot Vale at the Royal Melbourne Show
And I last met him in Clifton Hill about nine years ago
And he's still the same Dan Twohig changes in him could not see
And he still has the same accent that he brought from Ballinagree.

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