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Dan Tehan
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Dan Tehan

Dan Tehan the Australian Federal Government Minister of prominent teeth
Prior to the Australian Federal Election smiles at everyone he does meet
Like every seasoned politician he has learned to note
That a toothy smile may well win him a vote

No doubt his federal seat in Canberra he will retain
Though as a Federal Government Minister he may not remain
For that the Liberal National Parties will be the Government post election there is no guarantee
Hamilton's Liberal Party Dan may well be an opposition M P

Like every politician not one free of guile
Dan Tehan the man with the broad toothy smile
Though of his Liberal Party being in Government post 2016 Australian Federal Election he cannot feel sure
Of his Parliamentary seat in Canberra he can feel secure

A safe Liberal conservative seat he may claim for his own
But as a champion of poor people he will never be known
Like his Party and his Government very conservative in thinking and anti refugee
He does not do anything for the homeless, the stateless and those in poverty

In a very conservative electorate the majority will back him all of the way
Hamilton's Dan will remain a federal M P post Federal Election day
With his broad toothy smile more votes he will gain
And though his Liberal Party may not be in Government his safe seat he will retain.

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