Dance 1 - Mudras

I am a seeker,
A bird soaring high in the sky!
In that moment of flying - - a blissful state in the air,
Where you are free- -full of space,

by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Click to read full poem

Comments about Dance 1 - Mudras

Susan Williams 17 Oct 05:25
Let me dance, dance and dance, Like the bird that flies In the boundless skies, Higher and higher- farther and farther Up the wide, blue horizon! - - - - - - - - - - - - - -thank you with all my heart for opening up my heart to your dance movements and their depth of beauty faving this poem and giving it top marks far beyond the small amount PH offers!
Susan Williams 17 Oct 05:21
Without your notes, I would have missed out on the extent and depth of lovely lines like this- - -> For I am a ‘Shukatunda', Not just a winged being that can fly, But a lark as well that can sing, Plaintive notes, so sweet and melodious! My hands extend like wings, My fingers formulating the ‘Mudras'-
Susan Williams 17 Oct 05:18
Thank you so very very much for your Poet's Notes about this poem. I had no idea about this magic thing called mudra that makes the dance so full of beauty and enchantment. You have expanded my horizon to let more beauty in my life!
Akhtar Jawad 23 Sep 04:02
nice informative poem on Nritya Mudras.
Belle Wassermeister 04 Aug 11:09
This is wonderful! I wish I could dance like this...
Preeti maity 17 Jul 03:27
This poem is so unique. It perfectly describes the beauty of each mudra
Manasi 18 Jun 12:04
Beautiful poem ma’am ... Amazing ...
Shruthi Menon 11 Jun 12:11
a beautiful poem characteristic of mohiniattam dance
Ravi Kopra 11 Jun 12:01
main ek unveshak hoon pakshi hoon uDti hua hawaa main us lehmain main, ananad milta hai hawaa main azzad ho jaati hoon main, neela akaash mera ho jaata hai! fir main haathoN se ishaaray karti hoon jaisay ‘Pataka', ‘Mudrakhya', ‘Kataka'......
Kumarmani Mahakul 10 Jun 11:01
Congratulations for being chosen this beautiful poem on Dance and Mudras once again as the member poem of the poem of the day. I want to cite here...Mukura' and ‘Bhramara' are the bees that buzz, / Around the honey- filled blossoms / While' the proud peacock parades its hues.
contd....Many a congratulations dear Geeta Menon. It 's great on your part to introduce the Mudras to the PH members and readers it being the vital factor that constitute a classical dance like Bharatha Natya, Mohiniattam and Kathakali. You deserve a big 10
A poetic gem.A one of a kind write that vividly portrays and describes a wonderful art. The superb imagery made me a witness of a beautiful culture, a wonderful dance and a captivating and skilled dancer. Liked the opening and ultimate stanzas that capture a wonderful attribute of a dancer who is likened to a bird that can fly freely without boundaries. Beautifully crafted and well executed write. Congratulations, Geeta for a truly deserved accolade.
Akhtar Jawad 10 Jun 08:51
congrats! a nice poem on Indian Classical Dance.
James Mclain 10 Jun 06:55
Magnificent would be an understatement, My dear.
Robert Murray Smith 10 Jun 02:52
The dance of flight soars. A beautifully expressed poem.
Prabir Gayen 10 Jun 01:24
Yes, of course! For I am a ‘Shukatunda', Not just a winged being that can fly, But a lark as well that can sing, Plaintive notes, so sweet and melodious! ... ... beautiful
Dr Tony Brahmin 10 Jun 12:26
Gita is a seeker, a bird flying in the vastness of the skies searching........Very first verse is a sought of wonder. your dancing mnd, your poetic mind, your philosophic mind is a gift for all of us here in Poem Hunter. Congrats for becoming POD today. thank you. God bless you dear Gita. tony
You have to dance and you can dance continuously. No one can prevent you. You have deep devotion. You know all Mudras by God's grace. Vardhamanaka' is the ultimate seeker of, ‘Moksha' or salvation.When you dance with Mudras you express your trust towards God, self and audience with great satisfaction and trust. Let me congratulate you for your great success on this day. A lovely poem is dazzling on the home page today as the poem of the day. Congratulations!
Glen Kappy 10 Jun 11:36
hey, geeta! i happened to check ph this morning and saw this poem of yours featured—glad to see it! i relate to you feeling like you're flying while dancing. in my case, though, i've had the feeling while swimming. how well you convey the sense of exaltation, of joy! —of your love for this art you've devoted your life to. -glen
congratulation you are poetess of the day by this poem it could happen