LH (5.18.89 / Riverdale, Ga)


At one time,
My life was everything but seblime,
It was filled with sorrow,
I had no hope for tomorrow...

Until one night,
With one dance,
You stole my heart,
And showed me pure romance...

I had a black heart,
Full of hate,
But when we danced,
It was like fate...

We were under the stars,
We were dancing to our dreams,
We were together,
And everything finally was as it seems...

It was love,
It was passion,
It was everything,
I could have ever wished of...

Thank you,
For allowing me to hold you in my arms,
For protectng me form all harm,
Thank you...

For the love that you gave to me,
For the obsticals that we,

Thank you my love,
For all the you have done,
For I now see,
That you ARE the one...

Thank you for healing my soul,
For making me whole,
But most of all,
Thank you...

For the dance...

(Dedicated to Jack: A part of my heart will always be yours)

by Lauren Harris

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oh my freaking god! I love it. I totally give you a 10 on this one.