Ohh bliss what do you say,
do you have a voice today?
Where may I find your joy,
which I remember as a boy?

Ahh bliss where are you now,
hidden under frown of brow?
Where may I find your sound,
which surely must be all around?

Hmm bliss what is it that I miss,
as I go on with that and this?
Where may I find your smile,
in each and every hour and mile?

Yes I can feel it now,
the harmony of the sky and clouds,
the moon's revolving round,
earth's harvest after plough.

It is a dance eternal found
the sweetest movement in all sound;
and never will be missed,
as by that bliss this life is kissed.

by David Taylor

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two different dance and Dance, which one actually that you choose. My suggestion, you should dance with someone you love...