TW (1-5-93 / )


A smile dances on your lips,
Romancing me to some ecstasy
I know I should turn and walk away
But it’s not that easy.
Dancing until the sun flickers up from under the horizon,
Falling inlove as gracefully as I fall into your arms.
My whole world shattering apart
Everything I am, my hopes and my dreams
Decimating at their very seams,
Singing when I should run away and scream
I never want to leave this deadly scene.
If you are the killer,
Murder me slowly,
Let me die in your hands,
And never forget.

I press the bottle to my lips,
Take a small subtle sip,
Dismiss the dangers,
Dismiss the fact, we’re practically strangers,
As the night wears on,
I dance on and continually
A beautiful tango with death,
I’ll only lose.

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another beautifully written poem