under the shadow, over the brow
is a place where (i heard) ,
it always is now;
past the street lights, beyond the black night,
did ever you go there;
do you believe,
that ever you might?

we'll meet by the stream of fallen bright stars
the place where we all, simply be
(what we are) ,
and the you's and the me's, far left behind
under the light of the temporal kind.

where time was before,
(and no longer gone)
and future is present; not anymore longed
and the place that was secret
and so hard to find,
is found to be everywhere
uncontained by this mind.

and when we meet, we will dance
(not a you and a me)
and sing silent and true
so that there always will be,
(for as long as we do) ,
a me to appear, to look for a you.

by David Taylor

Comments (5)

Ah, the dance of 'love' carrying each other in our souls here and beyond eternity..perfect bliss, perfect write. thank you for sharing.... :)) .
nice, romantic. I love to dance like on the wedding...
There is a touch of e e cummings in this dear little piece that touches the place between. Between the here and the now, the up and the down the yesterday and the tomorrow. Love the universal theme and the dance with it's improvised choreography and light heart. Namaste, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
ahhh, a wonderful dance with words here...such a pleasure to read.
Beautiful poetry David...enjoyed reading this....thank you...Fi 10+++