BL (August 24,1990 / Erie, PA)

'Dance In Misery'

I walked into the room
He was standing there looking as he always did
His hair was black as charcoal
His eyes shined like blue diamonds
He was looking at me with those eyes and I couldn’t help but feel weak
I knew him since the beginning of time
And I will know him till the end
His body is curved to perfection
I can’t help but love him
Why do I feel this way?
Why do I always look at him like this, and then turn away when he talks to me
We dance on the razorblade covered floor
Blood spills from the ceiling
I love him
He knows it, and we dance until misery takes us in

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nice Lylyanna
a wonderful poem about the great urge to love and be loved yet the world spins out of control and torments slices the heart still beating with desire fine work