Dance In Your Dreams

Poem By Kendzi Samuel

The gold in your eyes, the silver in your voice, all glimmer
But what I can do to you girl, would make the stars grow dimmer,
Ah-ah! Save me that sweet smile, twill last me a another mile
Till I sing the song that resonates in your brain,
You take my breath away, You take away my pain.
Fists on my hips, crouch on my toes and wiggle
Yeah, I laugh so loud, and I love your shy giggle
Loose the strings of your soul, take of your cool, loose control.
The strings of your corset too, guitar strings, a sound so blue
Kissed your neck, and your nipples, down to your 'rosary'
We dance round the fire in carefree, fervor and fury
In the light of a candle, I look like a saint now?
But I kneel at your altar, even my head I bow.
A female pope? I dont know, I kiss that little 'toe'
And you scream, dear, Are you having a nightmare, true?
Girl I just want you to dance in your dreams till you 'come true'.

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liked the way u began the poem...

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