Dance Of The Romance

Poem By Vera Sidhwa

She stepped one forward and screamed at him,
Now her hatred for him steamed from her head.
Now her face turned anger red.
Then with a twist, her feet turned around.
She walked away from him ten steps away, leaving sad.
Didn't she know her behavior hurt her lover bad?

The sun shined so luminescent outside her,
The sun's rays razzled and dazzled inside her.
She tippy-toed and danced in circles around him,
She kissed his lips with her full and sweet ones.
She apologized for screaming and hating,
And put two steps toward him.

But his serious affect mader her stop,
As he stepped back twenty steps away from her.
He took five more steps away from her and told her negatives.
He took the same number back to her, cooling down.

And when they both placed their arms around each other,
They rolled on the California sand, pressing their bodies
in it's warmth.

He laughing, she giggling. Both hugging. Both kissing.
They held hands with the pretty one, taking two steps to the left,
Then the handsome one taking five to the right.
But not from anger anymore, but from two hearts
Melting into one.

So she had danced the romance when angry at him,
Then happy with him.

He had danced the romance when happy with her with
Ten steps forward, then angry with twenty steps
Away from her.
All footsteps of the lovers' emotions.

So they danced the romance,
And they danced their love away.

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