Dance Of Zorya

Poem By sandra geisell

*The zora are from Slavic mythology, together known as the aurora,
Zora is the goddess of morning (or morning star) , Zora of evening,

and Zwezda of midnight*

Oh Zora,
You dance so whimsically
Like a curious breeze
Cooling morning dew

A gentle wind
Through flowery field
And mountain pass

Carrying morning mists
And airborne streams
Of snowflakes

Anything that,
Like her,
Will glitter in that
Golden morning sun

The light tends to play upon her face
Highlighting her youthful beauty
Those curled sunbeam locks of hair
Those bright blue eyes of daylight skies
Which clouds have been known to drift through
And that familiar warm smile

That fiery smile which she wears while
She stands waiting each morning
To open heaven's gates
To allow passage
Of the sun's flaming chariot

And who could forget
That luminescent smile
Upon Zora's delicate face
As she dances away the night

She bathes in
The much gentler,
Much cooler
Light of the moon

The moonlight caressing
Her soft skin
Like it does to no other
Pale skin glowing in the night

Skin unharmed
By the flaming embrace of the sun
Amidst the stars
She becomes undone.

As though the stars
Laid out the steps
Teaching her the night's dance

She danced among them,
To the music of the night,
Calm, still, silent.

And Zwezda,
Embracing the sun
As but a twinkle
In the eye of a phoenix

How you mourn its passing
It dies in your arms
Every night

Yet you feel that need
That irrefutable compulsion
To hold it

To shield it's eyes,
It need not know
How we prefer look upon his
dim brethren

Let him not see
Your vapor tears

Then with Zora's return
Restore him to life once more
As another twinkle
In the eye of
A reborn phoenix

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