Dance On The Inside

The world is crazy on the outside so I dance on the inside.
School is another place to learn to be drag, so I dare to be different on the inside.
Confess your sins and confess your sanity and scream on the inside.
What the world needs is peace and love, also a lesson to be learned, we need a pinch of reality to the other side of things and some common sense.
And ultimately we need to laugh on the inside.
Let go and be free, free to be what ever you dream
Just dance and sing of happiness and smiles will come for the day has just begun.
We need to chase rainbows and those far-fetched wishes,
but when everything is said and done we need to go back to reality and wish for the escape and wish for the dreams of a better day,
but here's a little secret if your dream world is worlds away just do
a little dance on the inside.

by Christina Diaz

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I hope you're as beautiful as you are talented.