Dance To Their Own Rhythms

I see them finding the time,
To dance to their own rhythms.
All of nature's best.
Dressed within each season...
Differently for reasons,
With fresh impressions to make!

The grass once brown now green in Spring!
The trees bare in Winter now adorn bright leaves,
As birds unseen on branches sing.

Flowers from the ground popping through...
With sparkling colored hues,
To infuse poetic wishes.
As mountains snowcapped...
Surrounded by lush valleys wrapped,
Inviting backpacked hikers on trails they pursue.

Seagulls search for fish,
Off sandy shores to return to sit.
As surfing waves roll in mist licked,
Harnessed by rays of noonday Sun.

All of this assists
My mind to drift in Summer breeze!
Identities separate but together come to form...
An orchestrated symphony captured,
To delight a sight...
Mother Nature shares and wears.
As tensions lift from a heart forlorn!

Conducting She does this majestic majesty,
That is heard, shown and blissfully sets free!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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