Listening To My Heart

I try to listen to my heart
But when you have 50 others
Disagreeing with your heart
You don't know what to do

Wondering which way do you go
Is it right or wrong
I trust that my heart will lead me in the right direction

My heart knows how I feel
Knows my life
believe in yourself
Do what you think is right

Listen to what your heart is saying
Trust in yourself
My heart, your heart knows whats best for us


Comments (5)

Amazing my daughter is writing a poem and this gave her some inspiration
lovely poem. i loved it! its beautiful!
Thank-you for this lovely poem!
This is an inspiring poem of quite a different class from what one usually gets served onto. I find it an enchanted piece of poetry that takes one higher and higher the more one reads it!
I like your poem. Especially the Christian focus. nice surname too! haha