KSL ( / Katrina S. Lucas)

Dance Unto The Light

Dance unto the light,
Sway to the sounds of time,
Watch the angels bright,
As they dance within your mind.
Dance my friends and sway,
To beauty, to laughter, to love,
For this is the most perfect day,
A perfect gift from above!
Dance unto the light,
Catch the stars bright,
For perfect are the angels love,
From the One Most High above!
Dance, dance, dance
As the music plays on,
Dance, Dance, Dance,
As we listen to their song.
Dance unto the light,
Star light, star bright,
Watch as the baby is born,
On a most glorious morn?
Dance unto the light,
Catch the stars so bright,
Yes He died on a tree,
But He died for Victory!
dance unto the light,
We dance unto the night,
The song has been sung,
For He has finally won!

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Comments (6)

Lovely lovely partnership of pen and imagining then that moment when you were hand in hand with the lamb you sang to and bow to and claim to love without pretense... brava!
Amazing my daughter is writing a poem and this gave her some inspiration
lovely poem. i loved it! its beautiful!
Thank-you for this lovely poem!
This is an inspiring poem of quite a different class from what one usually gets served onto. I find it an enchanted piece of poetry that takes one higher and higher the more one reads it!
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