Poem Hunter
MO (1993 / )


I'm thinking hard,
But my mind should be empty.
I practice the movements,
But they come out all wrong.
When I stop,
And think,
I concentrate,
On one thing,
And I dance.
And it's graceful,
When you think.
Be passionate
With your movements,
Listen to the song,
The beats,
the rhythyms,
And flow.
And dance.


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Comments (4)

from a fellow dancer, great job
Dancing is one of my favourite pastimes Mia. You describe letting go to the rhythem beautifully. Keep on doing it. 10 from dancing the nights away! Tai
Dance is about feeling it is great to be accomplished But sometimes let the music move you Dance, Dance, Dance Peter
Very emotional, describing only one thing, but a glorious one! I love dancing too (use to be a ballerina) and I completly understand this poem and the feelings from it! Elya Thorn