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(((Dancing? ? ?)))
TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Dancing? ? ?)))

Your music 'tis filled with rubatos-
A slow dance gone very wrong-
Surrounded by my guardian angels-
With Gods forgiveness, i sing His Psalms.

His light shining brightly-
His leading of my way-
On the straight and narrow path-
Where Gods children play.

Rumors gone wild for three decades-
Laced with treacherous adjectives-
Believe none of what you hear-
And only a fourth of what you see.

Lost in your music as always-
I am afraid i just cannot follow-
Your tempo 'tis too dark and unforgiving-
A slow dance that is much too hollow.

Empty and yet full of inuendo-
Severe judgement so undeserved-
Your music 'tis filled with rubatos-
Leaving me empty, yet pitifully un-nerved.

Cast your stones unto the wind-
Be not of my joy filled days-
For the darkness living inside of you-
Has burned what feeling i had left for you-
(turned to ashes and blown away)

(Dust In The Wind Of My Life)

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Deana, many teardrops over the years...so many tears...during my black and blue years. Best, Theo
.. and teardrops dance as they fall... aroha xx