Dancing Around Psychasthenia

Inside my decaying black heart,
Plays a grotesque melody of pain.
Each note is caustic and sharp,
Pouring upon me like acidic rain.
Digging intensely deeper,
You mutilated my chest.
Destroying spoon after spoon,
Granting me infinitesimal rest.
I don't want to see the mobile reminder,
Of what used to be you anymore.
A hook in my mind, bleeding memories,
It hatches a body so sore.
Don't lead me astray with your
Tongue of Desire.
Screaming my heart to you.
Was your spark for the fire
Bring me back to when
We first met,
Help me forgive,
Please help me forget.
In flames engulfed,
My soul did weep.
My cerebration of you,
Arresting my sleep.
You got what you wanted,
Everything from me.
Now place on your mask,
Recompensing to family.
Leave this sentimental fool,
Condemned to suffocate.
Don't attempt to help,
It is far too late.

(August 8th,2007)

by Kristen Marshall

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