CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Dancing Dream

My hand your comfort.
My love your dream.
My beauty our blessing.
Your touch, my heart.

I sing to you my sweetie.
I delight in you, you are my dream.
There is nothing more precious,
Than this reality of you in my life.

For you, I thank the Universe.
For you, I give the gift of me to you.
You my soul,
My heart,
My life.

I hear your heart.
I soothe your fear.
With the love that I now know I am,
Glide and float along with me,
Let us sing, us this beautiful melody.

There is only what is meant to be,
There is this moment of need.
Let the words come as they may,
Let us share, whatever we please.

We are great peace,
We are such delight this world has never so seen,
We are this lovely music.
We are this lovely dream.

(Sunday 8 July 2007, Bolton, UK)

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