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Dancing Dreams
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Dancing Dreams

Poem By Elsa Bear

blank pages stare back at her
a book full of them
feeling uninspired she sits by her window sill
staring at the trees, the houses, the passersby.
she opens the window to get a better look.
the wind whips her unruly black hair around her face,
her breath visible before her.
she leans out of the window
arms outstretched, fingers brushing the wind.
her skin is translucent, ethereal,
white as the snowflakes dancing in the air
her smile is slow, peaceful.
opening her eyes she looks up at the moon
at the stars
and the echo of his name calls through the night.
she is reminded that
when it thunders through the empty skies
there's no one left to hold her when the storm birds fly
no one left to care.
all she dreamed for, all she hoped for was lost.
snowflakes land on her delicate fingertips
startling her.
they begin to melt.
she turns and flies from the room,
down the stairs and into the night
to dance in the snow
to forget her misery
to create new dreams.

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Comments (2)

I think your poem is gorgeous. Well done.
Not bad, but you might want to run spellcheck on your poetry before you post it.