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Dancing In Glee

Brown girl,
Dances in glee
Dances all night.. all day
Dances by the bay..
Brown girl dances in glee

Wouldn't you stop,
For a while and just see?
Shes been wanting,
For someone to just be
Brown girl, dancing in glee

Nay do not look at her torn shoes,
Nor at the worn out laces
Oh random faces,
look at her over bright smiles
Do not, look into her eyes
Lest, you see a tear
The oft hidden,
gut wrenching fear
Ah do not stop and leer
She is not a beauty
Do not look at the holes
In her skirt,
Do notice how it unfurls,
Like an umbrella that she never had

Sir? Will you stop?
Madam please,
Won't you ease?
Linger awhile
Look at her jive
All the doors are closed shut
She has no money but..
She will dance all night
Will you open the window?
And show her some light?
Will you spare? A penny two dimes?
I am sure you wont miss it
Cant you do your bit?
The rain doesn't seem to wait
For her lively gait
Do open your window

Can you feel the wind blow?
feel the tingle down your spine
Do open your window and see
See her legs intertwine
This girl dancing in glee...

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