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Dancing In The Rain
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Dancing In The Rain

I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this. It's kinda long.

Dancing in the Rain

Clouds cover the sky
And Drops fill the air
I watch from a window
Overlooking a cobblestone street
Small pools are made
By the non-stop rain
And there she is
I do not know her
But she knows me
She steps out into the rain
And is immediately surrounded
By the avalanche of droplets
Her clothes cling to her body
Accentuating her every curve
I swallow a growing lump
That had developed in my throat
Her hips sway to some far off music
Music that only she can hear
Then she looks up at me
Staring directly into my eyes
She beckons and I cannot resist
As if in a trance, I stumble down the stairs
My hand trembles as I reach for the door
Something is not right about her
I know it, but I cannot help myself
I open the door slowly
And there she is
Standing stone still, gazing into my eyes
Drops pouring down her face
My breath catches
The shoulder of her shirt
Has slipped down her arm
Revealing her shoulder and collarbone
She extends both her hands
My arms move of their own volition
I am powerless to do anything
She takes my hands
And suddenly I hear the music
We start dancing
I do not want to, but my body
Refuses to listen to my commands
The rain lessens somewhat
As we spin faster and faster
The spray from her ebony hair
Catches light from the lamps
And reflects it in all directions
My clothes have become soaked
I cannot tell if it is rain on my face
Or tears
Now she is pulling me away
Toward her house
I tell my feet to stop
But they keep going
They propel me to the open doorway
I smell strong incense burning
It smells like rotting flesh
And sweet gardens at the same time
She guides me to her bed
Where she pushes me gently
I fall back softly onto the bed
My eyes roll in their sockets
Taking in the vision before me
She removes her damp blouse
And slowly pulls off her skirt
As I lay there on the bed
She kneels before me
She starts to loosen my collar
And unbutton my shirt
I am screaming in my head
But my mouth is silent
She pulls my shirt off
And buries my mouth with a kiss
Her lips are soft
The scent of her is like perfume
My nose greedily sniffs for more
My hand reaches up
It caresses her bare back
I am ranting my frustrations
But my mouth is occupied with her kiss
I do not think I could talk anyway
My entire body refuses to listen
My heart skips a beat
As her hand slides down my chest
Caressing my ribs
Tugging at my pants
One by one the candles
Start to go out of their own volition
It has gotten dark outside
One single candle is all the light there is
It starts to flicker
In the recesses of my mind
I know if the candle goes out
I am lost
But my mind is hazy
I cannot make anything out
As her hands stroke my chest
I try to focus
But everything is blurry
She is covering my mouth with a passionate kiss
She caresses my shoulders
I hang limply on the bed
But my hands hold her close
I try to make my hands let go
They refuse to listen to me
My resolve starts to melt
My will starts to sap
The candle starts to fade
She breaks off the kiss
And gazes into my eyes
I stare back into hers
I see silent laughter
I see a smoldering flame
But I do not see what I most wanted to
She has no soul
And a small smile tugs at her lips
She narrows her eyes
As her tongue dances over my lips
A small sigh escapes me
Her smile grows
I start gasping
In my mind, I am panicking
Her gaze is drawn to the burning candle
Dancing and flickering with her eyes
She slowly blinks
The candle winks out
And I am lost

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I found your poem beautiful.