NS (01-05-1976 / Kerala)

Dancing Into The Night

She sat in the dimness of the room
Watching buds unfurl for nectar and bloom
She was a dancer by the day and night
Gestures, sounds and emotions engulf within

Divine call to break shackles of loneliness
She took early to the stage to commune
Lamppost in the road to solitude and ruin
Merging in the crowds cheers and cacophony

Stillness engulfed for the movements of buds
Orchestrated as god possessed in the tendrils
Flower itching to bloom and petals emerge
Nature’s embryo in a silent pregnant move

Twirling of dress and the teens tender finger
Language of love and emotions and anger
Eyes unfurling amidst strains of music
Meditating and praying before dancers surrender

As the night went on she saw the colors emerge
Just like chapters and verses of her dance
Beauty that evolved for nature’s way
To live and hold audiences sway

Love bedrock of emotions gone astray
Beauty a stamp that posted to many a heart
Amidst the two she had reasons to cheer
In the roller coaster stage of a splendid life

She blossomed in the tender care and love
Danced with abandon for every emotion
Finding its own freedom and reason
Blending with moods of every season

She never knew when and why it happened
Crumbled petals falling in harshest morning sun
Love faded to become a stolen memory
Moments, dreams, thoughts fading into distant oblivion

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