BM (26-03-45 / Salford, England)

Dancing Lightly On The Wind (In Memory Of George Best)

Dancing lightly on the breeze
As any autumnal leaf would
Just ahead of that final
chasing icy winter wind.
How we’ve watched you
Over the wasting years
In the sure and dark knowledge
Of our own untold guilt
This mass implicitly
In your change from summer’s
vibrant, and virile green
to the brittle dying russet
you’ve become.
We witnessed you halcyon day’s
roaring you on as you danced
lithe and supple, across
those green gladiatorial meadows
little knowing or caring
that with every roar and cheer
we were bringing
winter’s icy and killing blast
more surely and swifter
hidden within fame’s golden shroud
and now I stand watching
this sad and grieving panoply
unable to grieve, held back from
what should a natural thing
upon the lose of greatness
I cannot grieve George
My shame won’t let me.

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Bill, a beautiful expression of love for genius. The epitome of what is achievable with a combination of determination, ruthlessness, inn persuit of the aim and, above all, inate skill. George was more than that of course and he has left, thanks to technology, a record for generations to come, to know what it is to be a human being in all its glory and bathos. A most wonderful tribute.
I so too remember watching George when I was a young Girl, at Old Trafford on Saturday afternoons, with my father. He was a n amazing player, of that there can be no doubt. I love the way you make us all responsible, pushing him further until he believed he perhaps was invincible, sadly it seems the demise of many people pushed out into the public domain. and yes we are to blame. Greta write again. Regards, Lucy