Dancing Mask

Looking at you; they feel lust
They wants to get a taste of it
Promiscous eyes bewitched with anxiety
Pointed heart longing for a touch
The max dissolver couldn't penetrate
Their rigid and gloomy heart
Sharpened tongues graced with deception
Aimed towards the timid prey
Until they gets a taste of it
Salivation will never bid them farewell
Until they caress the depth of hood
Their indisciplined hands will never rest
They're loosed cheetah wandering in search of bone-
A used bone of ethic origin
They're lion without teeth
Boar without fists-
Pretending to possess the devouring power
They've put on the mask again
To deceive, degrade, receive and escape
They were here before-
Pointed nose!
They're disgusing-
On dancing mask!
'dum dum! ', they're pricking the drum-
Don't dance to the tune of their jamz
After the jamz they'll remove the mask-
Display of veil'd personality-
Dancing mask!

by Adeyemi Joshua

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